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Tacoma Green New Deal & Non-Interim Regulations


The Sunrise Movement is a national organization with many different hubs. 

Sunrise Tacoma is a hub of the organization that organizes for the goals of Sunrise National, but also cares about issues that are specific to Tacoma and hopes to make our city more progressive and sustainable for our future!

Tacoma Green New Deal!

Non-Interim Regulations

Partnering with Local Causes / Organizations

Tacomans need a Tacoma Green New Deal — a WWII-scale mobilization to stop climate change, achieve environmental sustainability, create millions of good jobs, and realize economic prosperity for all.

We wrote this policy and now we're pushing it through the city, highlighting environmental justice for all, good green jobs, and a just transition off of fossil fuels and toward 100% renewable energy. 

Since the Interim Regulations were first proposed, scores of Tacoma residents have been advocating for them to include a ban on the expansion of current fossil fuel uses. In fact, the Planning Commission’s initial recommendations included such a ban (or at least a cap on growth), but the City Council did not adopt that portion. We're advocating for this ban to finally be put in place, and for the regulations to be made permanent. 

When seeking justice, we cannot focus on just one issue from one angle. We are committed to working with other local organizations and organizers to create justice for all. For example, as well as climate justice issues, we support Black Lives Matter, defunding the police, dismantling the prison industrial complex, and union rights, among other priorities. We also have a strong mutual aid component to our hub. 

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Protect the earth, stop climate change and create millions of good-paying jobs in the process!